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List of Web Sites in the Griffin-Music Group

    Below is the list and links to the web sites in the Griffin-Music Group.  Each of these has many resources for music producers, music managers, musicians, songwriters and recording artists.  These resources include everything from music instruction, chord charts, lyrics, guitar tabs, and sources for getting your music recorded.

    Likewise some of these sites sell musical instruments, such as guitars, bass, pianos, keyboards, harmonicas and recording equipment and gear.


Getting Ready to Record?

Recording 101
General Information
Copyrights & Royalties

Choosing a Producer

Choosing a Session Leader
Choosing the Musicians

   Wages & Scales
Choosing a Recording Studio
Microphones & Headphones
Number Code/Chord Charts
Recording the Tracks
Mixing & Mastering
Marketing Your Music
   Major Labels
    Independent Labels
    Getting Radio Airplay
    On-line Web Sites & Free Hosting
    Talent Contests or Searches
    Do It Right Yourself

    Need help getting started?

     Need professional management?

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